AFRC-GYS-1 V3 Gyro

Rated Gyro For RC Cars/Boats

AFRC GYS-1 V3 drifting steering gyro is a super high performance steering gyro that supports a wide range of needs and is perfect for all levels hobbyists from beginners to high-level competitors. With newly developed circuitry this gyro offers2 selectable modesfeatures EPA setting and supports to use with latest Futaba SBUS2 protocol. This helps to eliminate any undesired steering shake from gyro operation, helping to detect excessive movement and reducing the chance of unsettling the chassis.


Full Metal Micro Programmable Servo

◆ The shell adopts full CNC aluminum alloy + surface anodizing treatment.

◆ Use high-performance special custom Coreless motor.

◆ Imported high precision titanium gear(Steering super mute).

◆ Fully enclosed ball bearing, higher accuracy and longer life.

◆ Programmable digital circuit.


T-Shaped 4CH Receiver module

◆ A two-way communication system that monitors the receiver voltage in real time on the remote control.

◆ Integrated power supply stabilization circuit, the voltage can be used up to 1S-2S LiPo, and the instantaneous low voltage is not lost.

◆ High-sensitivity built-in antenna reception, full channel 4CH output + BAT interface, suitable for all kinds of remote control racing, simulation climbing car.

◆ T-shell design, small installation location saves space for remote control car.

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